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Connecting the hydrogen manufacturing industry

We develop the market for hydrogen technology in the province of South-Holland, the Netherlands. To stimulate collaboration and innovation, we connect entrepreneurs, corporates, education institutions, experts, governments and suppliers. We strive to create the perfect conditions for businesses to develop in the region. This network of organizations is our ecosystem. By strengthening our cooperation, we create innovative and green solutions for the future. Join us and become part of the ecosystem.

Strong partnerships for sustainable hydrogen solutions

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H2Makers strives for developing, educating and connecting the hydrogen manufacturing industry in the province of South Holland, the Netherlands. We encourage organizations to invest in innovation and collaboration. This means hydrogen can benefit the industrial or chemical sector, aviation or the maritime industry.

The H2Makers ecosystem aims to conquer the growing hydrogen market in the Netherlands. Ambitious? Yes. However, without dreams no goals. And without purpose no decisiveness. H2Makers supports existing manufacturing companies, start-ups and scale ups to bring their products and initiatives to life. The hydrogen manufacturing industry is in need of smart solutions in electrolysis, storage and transport. With regional cooperation, we turn ideas into reality and we take steps toward a sustainable future.

Our core business

H2Makers connects the hydrogen manufacturing industry in South Holland. Our Service desk is the place to find relevant information and partnerships. Next to providing answers and connections, we inspire our network with events and expertise on important matters. Do you have a specific question? Let us know, and one of our colleagues will call you back to answer your question.

Service desk

H2Makers answers your questions about the most important themes within the hydrogen manufacturing industry, as well as our network.

Human capital

H2Makers helps organizations within the manufacturing industry with information regarding staff training cursussen voor personeel in de maakindustrie. and education on hydrogen.

Test and development centers

H2Makers connects Makers with test and development centres, to prepare their hydrogen solution for the market.

Meet-ups and challenges

H2Makers encourages connection and collaboration within the H2Makers ecosystem to stimulate innovation and progress.

Funding and regulations

H2Makers offers expertise regarding hydrogen grants, funding, permits, locations, business cases, and policy.

Makers in het H2Makers ecosysteem

Dit is ons eigen waterstofnetwerk.

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