Meet-ups and challenges

H2Makers encourages connection and collaboration within the H2Makers ecosystem to accelerate progress. That is why we organize meet-ups and challenges for the hydrogen manufacturing industry in South Holland.

Connecting the hydrogen network

We believe in the manufacturing industry of South Holland and in regional collaboration for hydrogen solutions. H2Makers is thé connecting ecosystem for entrepreneurs, large companies, educational institutions, and experts. All of these parties can come together during meet-ups, for networking and inspiration.

A meet-up is an offline, thematic event for and organized by the network. Meet-ups take about three hours. During that time, leading companies in the hydrogen manufacturing industry are given a stage. They provide insight into their hydrogen solution, growth strategy and opportunities for regional collaboration.

Interested to attend the next meet-up? Check the Events page for upcoming dates. We would be happy to meet you.

Meeting the H2Makers ecosystem

Meet-ups to inspire and connect

Challenges to collaborate and innovate

Accelerating sustainable progress

Working together for a sustainable future

When thinking of the energy transition, the word challenge might come to your mind right away. Creating a green hydrogen economy is an enormous task, in which many different parties and factors play a role. H2Makers wants to accelerate this progress, with initiatives such as challenges.

In organized challenges, the H2Makers ecosystem works together on a specific hydrogen-related issue. A challenge lasts several of days or weeks. During that time, partners within our hydrogen network will develop an effective, innovative, and sustainable solution. One of the challenges might be to stimulate the hydrogen transition within large companies. By collaborating regionally, we can speed up the realization of suitable hydrogen applications in South Holland.

Topics for the challenges can vary. Examples are storage and transport of hydrogen, sustainable production methods, cost reduction, technological innovation, market penetration, safety and regulations. Does your organization have a hydrogen related issue, or would you like to know more about challenges? Let us know!

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