Events for the hydrogen manufacturing industry

H2Makers frequently organizes meet-ups and challenges to stimulate regional collaboration and the sharing of knowledge. Here, you will find an overview of upcoming hydrogen-related events, organized by H2Makers or a partner from the ecosystem.

4 April 2024

H2Makers Meet-up | Hydrogen carriers

Rotterdam, Platform Zero

Organizations can use various carriers for hydrogen transport. While Amsterdam mainly focuses on methanol and LOHC, Rotterdam explores the use of ammonia for the transport (and application) of hydrogen. These alternative carriers require new technology, resulting in great opportunities for the innovative manufacturing industry in the Netherlands. That is why H2Makers organizes this meet-up, in collaboration with Voyex.

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25 April 2024

H2Makers Meet-up | Aviation

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

As Schiphol’s innovation hub, Rotterdam The Hague Airport is developing sustainable hydrogen solutions for aviation. Conscious Aerospace also recently opened a hangar at the airport, to further develop the first hydrogen-powered aircraft. The goal? A commercial flight with this airplane in 2028. During this meet-up we will discuss what it takes to make an aircraft take off on hydrogen.

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H2Makers Meet-Up: Hydrogencarriers

šŸŽ¤ ‘I’m not on this stage to judge other technologies Because for importing hydrogen we need all technologies (LOHC, ammonia and cryogenic hydrogen).’

This was one of the statements from a speaker at the H2MakersMeet-up on hydrogen carriers At January 18th H2Makers organized this meet-up at Platform Zero with a big crowd.

Fabian Benschop spoke about LOHC-technoloy made by Voyex. In his presentation the key characteristics of the LOHC-technology were brought forward. The LOHC technology of Voyex could be used voor decarbonizing shipping. Afterwards Marcel Keezer told about the world of cryogenic hydrogen. Marcel spoke about multiple projects Cryoworld does in the aviation sector. Last but not least Kevin Kardux from Proton Ventures gave a presentation on the production, transport and storage of ammonia. This 100 years old technology is a promising one. The Meet-up finished with a festive moment where we launched our new H2Makers website.

Keep an eye on this page and our LinkedIn for new events. Interested in the information and presentations shared during previous meet-ups and moments?