Test and
development centres

H2Makers gives the manufacturing industry in South Holland access to testing sites and development centres for the production and sustainable use of hydrogen. We support entrepreneurs and their innovative initiatives.

Development of hydrogen applications

Testing sites and development centers play an essential part in hydrogen innovations and in building knowledge. It is in these places that research, development, and the implementation of sustainable hydrogen solutions come together. Unfortunately, the sector struggles with low availability and capacity of test centers. That is why H2Makers strives to connect entrepreneurs with the right locations.

H2Makers collaborates with entrepreneurs, testing sites and development centres. For example, we provide support in the programming to realize the hydrogen test centre at Merwe4Haven in Rotterdam. In addition, H2Makers supports the development of other centres in South Holland and assist in making them accessible to entrepreneurs. Ypenburg Technology Park and Rotterdam The Hague Airport provide room for the use of hydrogen in aviation. Hydrogen applications in the built environment can be tested at The Green Village in Delft. In addition, there are possibilities for a broad scope of testing at the Sustainability Factory in Dordrecht and soon in Sliedrecht as well.

In addition to testing sites and development centres in South Holland, we also want to connect test centres outside the region with the H2Makers ecosystem. We believe in strong partnerships, so the Netherlands can become a leader in the international green hydrogen market. Do you want to contribute to this hydrogen network, or do you want more information? Let us know through the contact form.

Working on a sustainable future

Developing components and integrations

Connecting entrepreneurs and locations

Testing hydrogen applications

Innovation and integration in the hydrogen economy

With the energy transition taking off, H2Makers is helping entrepreneurs within the hydrogen economy to prepare their products and initiatives for the market. In these test and development centres they can improve and demonstrate their innovations and integrations.

Research reveals that there is a great need for testing sites among entrepreneurs, but too little availability. Therefore, H2Makers is committed to developing these types of locations and making them accessible to the manufacturing industry. But what exactly is manufactured there?

Maybe it’s better to ask: what isn’t? Innovation within the hydrogen economy knows almost no limits. The H2Makers ecosystem is driven to developing new components and technology. Together, we transform innovative ideas into practical solutions. For example: we improve production and storage of hydrogen and green energy, or we explore the possibilities to use hydrogen as a fuel. We collaborate with a common goal: a sustainable future.

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