Human capital

H2Makers connects organizations and their staff within the hydrogen manufacturing industry of South Holland with the right courses, training and education. This allows the network to keep learning and to innovate.

The theory and application of hydrogen

H2Makers connects work and education. Staff and trainers. Theory and the practice of business. Knowledge and skills. To summarize, we connect organizations in the hydrogen manufacturing industry with the right solutions and each other.

Working with hydrogen on a large scale is new and exciting. That is why the right knowledge and skills are essential. Whether it concerns making strategic choices or executing concrete actions. Within the hydrogen network we learn from and with each other. We stimulate regional cooperation for sustainable hydrogen solutions.

We want to focus our attention and efforts on currently relevant questions and issues. Therefore, we’ve assessed the training needs within the hydrogen manufacturing industry. We then support Dutch educational institutions in designing practice-oriented hydrogen training at various levels. By connecting theory and execution, we facilitate the development of smart and sustainable solutions. With our ecosystem in mind, H2Makers created this overview of hydrogen courses and relevant training in the Netherlands. Interested in becoming a maker?

Learning and innovating in hydrogen

Insight in available training

Developing knowledge and skills

Partner with educational institutions

We connect entrepreneurs and educational institutions

The number of companies within the hydrogen manufacturing industry continues to grow. This also grows the need for well-trained staff. H2Makers connects organizations in South Holland with the right educational institutions and (technical) trainers.

Jobs in hydrogen require technical knowledge and specific skills. The Makers within the H2Makers ecosystem build hydrogen factories, make hydrogen engines operational and produce sustainable hydrogen gas. These examples are just the tip of the iceberg.

By collaborating, we form our own hydrogen network. Together we strive for innovative and sustainable solutions in hydrogen. H2Makers is mainly active in the Rotterdam region but has created an overview of the relevant educational institutions and hydrogen courses throughout the Netherlands. Here, organizations and interested parties can directly see where they can go.

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